Love & Learning Family Child Care

"Where Love & Learning Go Hand In Hand"

Why Choose Family Child Care?


"Family Child Care" is defined as child care that is provided in the caregiver’s home. The very nature of in-home child care helps enhance the growth and development of children by providing them with quality care, learning opportunities, and individualized love and attention.  This attention is oftentimes lacking in centers where there are upwards of 100+ children.   I don't mean to take anything away from commercial day care centers because I  too once owned one.  And many of them are of high quality.  But none the less, here are a few important reasons for you to choose family child care:  

♥  Smaller class sizes                                       ♥  Less exposure to germs

♥  Consistent caregiver/teacher                    ♥  Mixed age groups

♥  Home-like environment                             ♥  Low child turnover

♥  Individualized attention                             ♥  Close proximity to home