Love & Learning Family Child Care

"Where Love & Learning Go Hand In Hand"

Rates  & Fees


Infants (6 wks-12 mo.)              $195/wk

Toddlers (13 mo.-23 mo.)         $195/wk

Preschool (2-3 yrs)                   $185/wk

Pre-K (4-5 yrs)                           $185/wk

Summer Only (6-10 yrs)           $120/wk

Daily Rate                                  $45/day

Hourly Rate                               $10/hour

Registration Fees:

One child                       $125

Two children                 $150

Three children              $175

Before/After Sch.         $100

Summer Only               $100

Drop-in Care                 $100

Hourly Care                  $100

Tuition Due Dates:

*Tuition fees are due at the begining of each week (Monday)

*Fees for drop-in care are due on the morning services are rendered

Payment Methods:


*Check or Money Order

*Credit Card or Debit Card

Holding Fees:

A  "holding fee" of $70 per month is required for the following circumstances:

1. When your child's actual start date is more than 30 days from his/her enrollment date.

2. When your child takes an extended leave of absence (i.e. summer break, mom's maternity leave, etc.)


Please Note: Tuition fees, registration fees, and holding fees are all non-refundable.