Love & Learning Family Child Care

"Where Love & Learning Go Hand In Hand"

Philosophy & Goals

Our philosophy at Love & Learning Family Child Care is based on the belief tha

t children learn, grow and develop in a variety of ways and at different levels.  Therefore, we seek to treat children as unique individuals; catering to each of their specific needs.  This is much easier to do in a small setting such as ours where individualized love and attention is possible.

Our goal is to help children develop positive self-esteem, problem-solving skills, socialization skills, and a true love of learning.  We focus on the whole child.  Therefore, all activities are planned and designed to promote each child?s intellectual, spiritual, emotional, and physical growth and development.

Your child's early years, from birth to around five, are times of great growth and development.  Many experts believe that children learn more during these years than they will throughout the rest of their adult lives. Through their natural curiosity and desire to explore and learn, children are gaining the many skills necessary for their future academic achievements.  They have endless questions and are learning to manipulate their environment.  These formative years should be filled with many opportunities to learn and to explore the world around them.  Our age-appropriate curriculum is designed to allow children to do just that.  As your child's care provider and teacher, I am committed to helping him or her grow and learn during this most important time in their lives.