Love & Learning Family Child Care

"Where Love & Learning Go Hand In Hand"



Infant Curriculum (6 wks. - 23 mo,)

*Sensory Exploration & Manipulation                                                                                               

*Baby Sign Language (simple communication techniques)

*Music & Movement (singing, dancing, exercise)

*Small Motor Skill Development (using fingers to manipulate objects) 

*Large Motor Skill Development (walking, running, kicking, throwing)

*Language Development (story time, alphabets, simple counting)

*Arts & Crafts (finger painting (non-toxic paint). coloring, drawing)

*Tummy Time/Floor Time (crawling, pulling up, standing, walking)

*Colors & Shapes (introduction) 



Preschool/Pre-K Curriculum (2 - 5 yrs.)

*Mother Goose Time Preschool Curriculum (ages 2 - 4 yrs.)

*A Beka Curriculum (Pre-K Program)

*Weekly Homework (ages 2 & up)

*Uniforms (ages 18 mos. & up)

*Phonics (vowels, consonants, blends, special sounds)

*Math (counting, number recognition, time & money concepts, simple addition & subtraction)

*Science (weather, cooking, plants, animals, simple science experiments)

*Calendar (days of the week, months of the year, etc.)

*Music & Movement (song, dance, exercise, musical instruments)

*Arts & Crafts (drawing, painting, craft projects)

*Alphabets (pre-writing, writing, letter recognition)

*Language Arts (pre-reading, reading, poetry, story time)

*Spanish (numbers, simple words)

*Shapes (recognition, word-picture correlation)

*Colors (recognition, word-color correlation)

*Manipulatives (puzzles, blocks, etc.)